• Shabondama Soap Cleanser 160g

Shabondama Soap Cleanser 160g

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Shabondama Soap Cleanser 160g

Citric acid of the natural laundry which is usable as finish of scale and the soap washing of the kitchen circumference.

Is usable in various scenes such as the scale collecting of the cleaning of the place equipped with a water supply, an electric pot and the electric kettle, the cleaning of the yellowing dirt of the restroom; and the citric acid which is kind to environment.
Because the citric acid is acid, you are strong in an alkaline dirt and, in a sodium bicarbonate (alkalescent) and oxygen system bleach (alkalescent) resisting an acid dirt and a thing using properly, can clean it more comfortably

Harmful chlorine gas appears when I use it with a chlorine-based product and is in danger.

Volume : 160g

What's in the box 1 x Shabondama Soap Cleanser 300g
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