• Shabondama Baby Snowl 800ml

Shabondama Baby Snowl 800ml

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Shabondama Snowl Baby (800ml)

Snowl Baby is made with mild ingredient,it is safe for baby to lick their clothes and don't have to worry baby contacting with synthetic chemical from detergents.

Usage Instructions:

It does not limit to baby’s clothes washing only. It can be used to wash other family members’ clothes, too.

Instructions given may differ based on the washing machine model used. For optimize cleaning effect, please refer to below table for more information :

For Full/Semi- Automatic Washing Machine For Top & Front Loading Washing Machine (Drum Type):

(Auto-Dual Tank Washing Machine):

Water Level Usage

30L 60ml

40L 80ml

Weight of Clothes Usage

3kg 40ml

6kg 50ml

Washable type of clothes: Cotton, Hemp, Rayon, and Synthetic Fiber

Note: For stubborn dirt or stain, apply Shabondama Snowl Baby Liquid on it. Then, you may tentatively choose to soak it in water or cleanse it directly with water.

Hints: If you want softer clothes, you may opt to add in some Shabondama Mutenka Rinse.


You and your baby’s are stress-free from chemicals residue.

Specially design to address baby’s delicate skins.

Additive free soap-based detergent. No additional surfactants, preservatives, optical brighten agents (OBAs,

FBAs, FWAs), colourings, and fragrances.

Safe and economic choice because softener are not required for baby’s comfy clothes.

Environmental Friendly Laundry Liquid Soap with biodegradable ingredients.

Suitable for machine and hand washing.

Volume: 800ml

Ingredients:Palm Kernel Oil, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Potassium Hydroxide

What's in the box 1 x Shabondama Baby Snowl 800ml
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