• Protective Face Shield For Adult / Anti Fog & Extra Protection On Face (10 pcs)

Protective Face Shield For Adult / Anti Fog & Extra Protection On Face (10 pcs)

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Product Specification:

Size: 297mm x 210mm x 0.3mm

Packaging: 10 pcs per packet

Why should we wear face shield?

-Wearing face shield greatly reduce risk of exposure to COVID-19 when coughing/sneezing/talking

-When wearing face shield, it is harder to touch your face with your hand when using face shield

-Face shield protect you and others when talking, as it blocks the space between your face and others

-Protect yourself when going out for shopping, or taking parcels/food

-If you run out of face masks, wearing face shield gives you much more protection

-For less risky situation,  you can save expensive face mask by wearing face shield only

-Protect your kids and family by wearing face shield yourself and for them.

Who need face shields

-Front-liners: not only medical officers, but also police, bomba, food delivery riders and everyone staying at work and exposed to risk.

-Head of family: whoever leaving home should wear mask and face shield.

-Self isolation: protect your family by wearing face shield at home if you are high risk

-Back to work: after MCO, face shield can drastically reduce risk of spreading at work place

-Everyone leaving home: kids, adults, everyone should wear when exposed to public.

Usage recommendation

1. To reuse, please clean the shield using alcohol/soap/disinfectant.

2. Wear this face shield along with 3-ply mask offers extra protection.

3. It is recommended that everyone wear this shield if there are close proximity activity.

4. Tighten the upper part of your mask to reduce fog.

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