Laundry Detergent Gel Pods 30pcs - 4 bottles (Random Color)

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Laundry Detergent Gel Pods 30pcs - 4 bottles (Random Color)

Model: UC02



  • Enzyme formulation.
  • 8 times more concentrated.
  • Low bubble easy drift.
  • Be clean and bright.
  • This product is non-phosphorus concentration formula, deep clean, easy to rinse, no residue more environmental protection.


    • Surfactants, stabilizers, neutrals, dispersants, clothing additives, spices, enzymes, etc.

    Instructions for use:

    • Take out one coagulum.Don't cut or rip. The transparent wrap is a water-soluble material and need not be torn.
    • Put the beads directly into the inner cylinder of the washing machine. Do not put the beads into the bin.
    • Put the clothes in and start the washing machine.
    • The product is soluble in water and no residue after washing.
    • Do not use ultra-fast mode below 18 minutes.

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